Lifelong Leadership Institute

Inspiring Leadership, Developing Leaders



The Lifelong Leadership Institute (LLI) is an educational organization that provides innovative leadership development to Canadian youth of Jamaican, African-Caribbean and Black heritage, so that they may fulfill their personal and professional ambitions, provide inspiring leadership to their communities and country, and make this world a better place for all.


To inspire and prepare our youth to be responsible leaders at all times, in all spaces, locally and globally, and for the good of all.


Respect: We respect our learners, staff, volunteers, colleagues and others, and promote civil discourse.

Integrity: We value doing that which is right to do, and act in accordance with the values and principles we profess.

Excellence:  We strive for the highest standards of institutional and intellectual excellence, and encourage the understanding that knowledge and skills will improve through dedication and hard work.

Collaboration: We advocate teamwork and partnership in order to achieve shared goals.

Accountability:  We promote personal responsibility and institutional accountability for our commitments, and for getting desired results.

Service: We encourage selfless service to others in need, to our communities, and to country, and foster a spirit of philanthropy.

Curiosity: We cultivate a culture of intellectual curiosity and commit to the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and new experiences.

Leadership: We commit to attitudes, values and other critical attributes of resilient and indelible leadership, and we undertake to exemplify and teach these behaviours at all times.

Diversity: We embrace diversity in its many manifestations – from racial and gender diversity to diversity of opinions rooted in critical thinking.

Teaching and Learning: We undertake innovative promising practices in our delivery of learning, teaching and leading, and place the success and well being of our learners at the centre of our educational efforts.

Global Thinking: We accept that local actions have global implications, and accept our responsibility to contribute to the health and well being of the entire planet.