Administrator: Horatio Alger Association of Canada

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Brief Description: The Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarships are awarded to eligible students across all provinces and territories in Canada.

To be eligible to apply for the Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled full time in the terminal year of high school and taking classes through Spring 2016, progressing normally toward graduation in spring/summer of 2016 with plans to enter a post-secondary institution no later than the fall following graduation
  • Exhibit a strong commitment to pursue and complete a degree at a post-secondary institution (in Quebec a three-year vocational program or a two-year preparatory program followed by a university degree are acceptable)
  • Demonstrate critical financial need ($55,000 or less annual net income per family is required)
  • Be involved in co-curricular and community service activities
  • Display integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity
  • Maintain a minimum grade percentage of 65
  • Attend high school and reside in Canada
  • Be a Canadian citizen

Administrator: The Schulich Foundation

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Brief Description: Launched in 2012, this $100 million program funds 50 undergraduate scholarships each year, across top Canadian universities.* Our most promising students can pursue their dreams and become the next global pioneers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They are innovators.

Administrator: Executive Director of TD Scholarships for Community Leadership, TD Bank Group, 10th Floor, TD North Tower, 77 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5K 1A2

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Brief Description: Unique in Canada, the TD Scholarships for Community Leadership are designed to recognize the achievements of youth who are making a difference and help them realize their educational goals. After all, today’s community-minded students are tomorrow’s leaders. Have you made your community a better place? Then we want to hear from you. You may qualify for one of our Community Scholarships. Twenty TD Scholarships for Community Leadership are awarded to students in their last year of high school or CEGEP (in Quebec) who have demonstrated leadership in improving their community. Each scholarship has a value of up to $70,000 and includes:

  • Up to $10,000 for tuition per year (for up to a maximum of four years)
  • $7,500 a year for living expenses (for up to a maximum of four years)

Helping you build connections

But that’s not all. These scholarships also help you make connections that could last a lifetime, including:

  • Offers of paid summer employment
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Annual gatherings, networking opportunities and more

What is “community leadership”?

We’re interested in hearing from students who have demonstrated consistent and outstanding dedication to solving a community problem or making their community a better place. For example, you may be cleaning up the environment, promoting social justice, or fighting child poverty. Check out what some of the past scholarship recipients have done to improve their community.

Administrator: Loran Scholars Foundation

Contact: Loran Scholars Foundation,

460 Richmond Street West, Suite 502,

Toronto, Ontario,

M5V 1Y1.

Phone: 416 646 2120


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Brief Description: The Loran Scholars Foundation identifies and supports exceptional young Canadians who demonstrate character, service and leadership. Since 1990, we have invested in 541 Loran Scholars and granted finalist/provincial awards to approximately 2,000 additional students.

Each year, we select the top 30 of approximately 3,800 applicants as Loran Scholars. Our scholars deeply value integrity and honesty. They are curious by nature and are interested in a wide range of subjects. Furthermore, they are willing to take meaningful risks and prioritize results over appearances. Each Loran Scholar has shown a sustained commitment to service in the community, has taken the initiative to create positive changes and is interested in working for a better world.

Each Loran Scholar receives a renewable undergraduate award valued at up to $100,000 over four years. The Loran Award includes an annual stipend, a matching tuition waiver from our 25 partner universities, mentorship, a summer program, an orientation expedition and access to an extended network of scholars, alumni and supporters.

We also offer up to 80 one-time finalist awards ($3,000) and provincial awards ($2,000) annually. These entrance awards can be used at any public university in Canada.


Founded in 1988, the Loran Scholars Foundation was the first national organization in Canada to grant scholarships based on a mix of academic achievement, extracurricular activity and leadership potential.

Our founders responded to what they recognized as a gap in the Canadian system of merit-based financial assistance to university students. Such assistance tended to be directed to two groups - those with exceptionally high academic averages, via university scholarship programs, and those with exceptional abilities as athletes, via national teams programs. Only a small proportion of overall financial aid was directed at those who show promise of the leadership and other talents that will make their communities better places both during and after their university careers.

In the words of our founder Dr. Robert Cluett at the heart of our work is the belief that “breadth, openness to challenge, and willingness to take risk are many times more important than any quantitative measure of promise.” It is a belief that we still hold quite strongly today.

In 2007, we adopted “Loran” as the name for our merit awards. The name was chosen because Loran is used for long-range navigation and we emphasize long-term relationships with our scholars as well as long-term impact in communities across Canada. As a navigation system, Loran requires three points. These three points correspond with our three core values - character, service and leadership - which we hope our scholars will continue to use to chart their own courses.

In 2014, we changed our name from the Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation to the Loran Scholars Foundation to reinforce our focus on identifying and developing leaders of character.