Role for Parents

This section speaks specifically to parents of students who are less than 18 years of age

In providing learning opportunities to Ontario’s Black students who are less than 18 years of age, the SummerUp program wishes to partner with parents. In fact, we see parents as partners who are well-positioned to perform the key role of Chief Encouragement Officer. Students will need the encouragement and guidance of parents to select SummerUp courses and webinars and to commit to completing selected courses.

Here are some roles that parents may play in contributing to their student’s success in SummerUp.

Awareness: Take a moment to read about the SummerUp program on this website. This way, you become well-positioned to encourage and advise your child regarding applying for courses and getting the most from those courses. Specifically, browse our menu of courses and discuss these course options with you child. Take special note of the sections on Admissions, Student Responsibility and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Student Responsibilities: Your child, being less than 18 years of age, will participate in the SummerUp program only with your consent and involvement. The student responsibilities which we describe are also responsibilities that are shared with parents. Be mindful of all student-responsibility issues such as student attendance, student engagement and issues such as pedagogical research. Encourage your child to fulfill these responsibilities.

Parental Consent & Waiver: A few courses will be delivered in-person and these courses will have special protocols that must be followed. The parents of under-18 students who are admitted into courses which will be delivered in in-person mode will be required to provide a signed Consent and Waiver Form in order for the under-18 child to participate. This will be explained to parents in a pre-admission orientation session to be held online.

Where students are enrolled in courses delivered in virtual mode, parents will not be required to provide a Consent and Waiver Form.

Attendance: Parents can have an impact on attendance. We count on parents to encourage students to ‘commit to their commitments’. To us, attendance matters. Attendance of the first class matters so much to student success that the student who misses the first class of a course, without good reason, may not be permitted to continue.

Equipment: Where possible, please ensure your child has a suitable computer and reliable Internet access. If your child uses a computer device that is borrowed from school, please contact the school to ensure your child will have continued access to the device during the summer.

Celebrate Achievement: A number of SummerUp courses will end with a special program to showcase the work of students. Parents will be invited. We urge parents to attend these closing events to celebrate student achievement and validate the importance of their child’s efforts.

Webinars for the Family: In late August, SummerUp will provide a series of three webinars. These webinars are single-meeting events, and they will interest the entire family, including parents. In effect, SummerUp offers programming that includes parents.

  • Consider the webinar: Cyber Safety: Avoiding Online Threats. The title says it all. No child or parent should return to school this fall without preparation for the threats and harm to which children are exposed via the Internet.
  • Consider the webinar: Belonging: Dealing with Exclusion. For Black families, this is a webinar that should not be missed.

Parent Role: This applies to selected students who are less than 18 years of age. We deliver this course in partnership with parents and legal guardians. We ask parents to ensure students arrive and depart the campus safely and on time; that provision for lunch is made, and that students are appropriately dressed. The same applies to group field trips. Parents of under-18 candidates must attend an online orientation. Both parents and students must read the policies guiding participation in this course. (TBA – policy guidelines soon to be completed.)

Admissions Process: To be considered for admission, candidates must submit applications by the given deadlines. Some applicants and their parents may be required to attend a pre-admission orientation session. The parents of applicants who are less than 18 years of age will be required to sign a waiver document.