SummerUp 2022

The SummerUp program opens the door to summertime learning opportunities and experiences that are invariably not available or made inviting to Ontario’s Black youth. The SummerUp program seeks to make a difference by providing an array of courses that are categorized into academics, arts and aspirations. Each course is designed to offer high quality learning experiences and at no cost to the student. Some courses seek to advance academic skills as well as restore eroded skills. Some underscore the role and power of the arts to define the Black identity, to proudly frame Black Canadian history, and to provide the artistic skills for telling Black stories. Other courses are aspirational in their intent, exposing students to unique and non-traditional career opportunities, inspiring them to seize leadership and growth opportunities, and helping them to come to more confident perspectives of identity and belonging. Generally, all courses aim to stimulate intellectual curiosity, inspire self confidence, nurture leadership skills, and renew collaborative skills and a community environment. Overall, the SummerUp courses are fun experiences which educate while leaving students lots of time to otherwise enjoy their summer break.

What students do in the summer matters because it will define how well they fare at school in the fall.

Will you SummerUp this summer?