SummerUp 2022

Summer experiences that engage and advance Ontario’s Black youth

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SummerUp gives you opportunities to improve your academic performance in an enjoyable way. It’s summer learning that is challenging but not stressful. It’s summer fun but with enriching activities that will engage your imagination, touch your heart and reinforce your self-confidence.

SummerUp is an invitation to Black youth across Ontario to come together to learn, collaborate, discover, aspire, and to set a foundation for personal and academic success.

SummerUp requires you to be purposeful in choosing to enrol, and in committing to the completion of your course. Please review admissions requirements.

Consider SummerUp Courses & Webinars

Applications are now closed for SummerUp 2022.

SummerUp Courses

These free courses are specially developed to provide enriching learning experiences that are batched into three categories: academic, arts and aspiration. Your challenge is to sift through each course and determine which ones excite you. Then act to apply. Using a single application form, you may apply for as many as three courses. Application deadlines matter, seats are limited, and an admissions process will apply.

Important: Review admissions requirements prior to applying for courses.
Academic Virtual

Blacks in Canada: Truths, Triumphs, and Excellence

Presented By Gregory Birkett and Coleen Birkett
Academic Virtual

Coding: Introduction to HTML, CSS & JavaScript (Section 2)

Presented By Tech Spark
Academic In-person

Experiential Science & Engineering

Presented By Dr. Solomon Boakye-Yiadom and partners, Lassonde School of Engineering, York University
Academic Virtual

Microsoft Excel – An Introduction (4 Sections)

Presented By Sylvia Oricco and Fair Chance Learning
Academic Virtual

Tutoring – Study Buddy

Presented By the Diversity Institute, Toronto Metropolitan University
Aspirations Virtual

Coaching Future Entrepreneurs

Presented By Andrew Bromfield and partners, Formative Innovations
Aspirations Hybrid

Financial Services – A Career Search

Presented By CIBC
Aspirations Virtual

Financial Literacy

Presented By Harprit Gill
Aspirations Virtual

Marketing – An Introduction

Presented By DentsuCanada
Aspirations In-person

Yoga – A Wellness Strategy

Presented By Shaunneka Hewitt
Academic In-person

Bright Lights in the Lab – The Science of the Brain

Presented By University of Toronto Schools and Firefly Foundation
Academic Virtual

Coding: Introduction to HTML, CSS & JavaScript
(Section 1)

Presented By Tech Spark
Academic Virtual

Coding: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Presented By Fair Chance Learning
Academic Virtual

Coding: Python (An Introduction)

Presented By Ivan Ruby, Concordia University
Academic Hybrid

Mathematics – Improving Performance of Grades 11 & 12 Students

Presented By Dr. Jude Kong and partners, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Faculty of Science, York University
Academic Virtual

Mathematics – Preparing for Success With Confidence

Presented By Laura Gini-Newman, Jocelyn Foxon and Ivan Ruby
Arts Hybrid

Multimedia – Videography & Cinematography

Presented By Rohan McLeish and partners, Maango Media Training
Arts Hybrid

Photography – Shutter Power

Presented By Cecil Henry
Arts In-person

Black Youth Theatre Intensive – A Summer Mixtape

Presented By Soulpepper Theatre Company
Aspirations Virtual

Leadership – Becoming a Leader at School

Presented By Laura Gini-Newman and Mary Nanavati
Aspirations In-person

I Think – Integrative Thinking

Presented By University of Toronto Schools
Aspirations In-person

Maximum City – Urban Solutions

Presented By University of Toronto Schools

SummerUp Webinars

Unlike the SummerUp Courses which have admission restrictions, SummerUp Webinars are wide open to all students, parents, educators and others. Simply register and participate. Each webinar is a single online meeting that explores a specific issue that is of interest to most everyone. Each webinar s designed to inform, to educate and to take you to a place of curiosity and reflection. Participate alone or as a cluster of family and friends.

Important: Advanced registration is required.

Webinar Virtual

Belonging – Dealing with Exclusion

Presented By Na'Shantéa Miller, Sophia Abolore, and Jamal Grant
Webinar Virtual

Cyber-Safety: Avoiding Online Threats

Presented By Paul Davis
Webinar Virtual

Telescopes and Astronomy

Presented By NASA and the Canadian Space Agency